Here comes the cake part one!

Ajis 2nd! Not a fan of the vegan chocolate cake, but the Elmo holding the balloons on top of his cake was.

Tiger boy!

Today was the first day I witnessed Aji truly transforming into a tiger.  We were watching Jungle Book and after watching with apt attention most of the movie, he got up from the couch and started running back and forth making a snarly growl noise!  It was right after Sheer Khan, the tiger villain tried to chase Simba the man cub and ran off after he tied fire to his tail.  The energy was building and the villain was gone, but Aji was inspired to become a tiger right before my eyes (and this is surprising, seeing that he is only 19 months and has the ability to now act!)  I joined in with fake pawing and we had a fun tiger fight while Aji giggled his head off in excitement.